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When do GSP puppies open their eyes?

GSP puppies open their eyes between 14 and 21 days after they are born. This is a very important time…

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Why do German Shorthaired Pointers have Seizures?

German shorthaired pointers are hunting dogs known for their keen sense of smell and ability to track down prey. However,…

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Why does my German Shorthaired Pointer pee so much?

There are several reasons that German Shorthaired Pointer pee so much. Maybe they’re drinking more water or even have an…

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Are all German Shorthaired Pointers super skinny?

You’d best be feeding that poor dog the recommended amount per day per weight of the dog. If you acquired…

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How badly can a German shorthaired pointer damage a rental property?

One of my neighbors owns one of these dogs. They are high energy dogs. The property is about 1/2 acre,…

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Why does my German Shorthaired Pointer hate little kids?

Many animals (especially dogs) use size to determine who is boss. This is a common habit among dogs, and means…

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