How to Tire out German Shorthair Pointer

German shorthaired pointers are known for being a very energetic breed. They can be very active and need lots of…

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Can German Shorthaired Pointers be used for duck hunting?

As part of their bread qualities, GSPs have been bred to be versatile—they can find small birds in tall cover…

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How to Train German Shorthaired Pointers?

Indeed, German Shorthaired Pointers are generally excellent family dogs and affectionate with children; however, they can be unruly and destructive…

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The Mini German Shorthaired Pointer: What You Should Know

Are you hearing about German Shorthair Pointer pocket pointers, and do you think you might like one of them? Regarding…

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How to stop a German Shorthaired Pointer from jumping?

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a loyal, intelligent, and happy-go-lucky companion. He’s also known for being a bit of a…

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