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The Adorable Border Collie German Shorthaired Pointer Mix

What happens when you take one of the smartest dogs on the planet and cross it with one of the most popular breeds in America? You get the Border Collie German Shorthaired Pointer mix, which combines the Border Collie’s natural herding instincts and intelligence with a German Shorthaired Pointer’s willingness to learn and play. Here are some fun facts about this smart, active dog breed.

History of the border collie  

In general, the collie is a generic term that describes any type of shepherding dog, not just one particular breed. While the border collie is a graceful and natural herder, prospective owners should be aware of their high energy level. It is widely recognized that the modern Border Collie breed is highly intelligent, athletic, and energetic. 

Developed over centuries for herding sheep in Northumberland on the border of England and Scotland, the breed originated there. The origins of this breed are uncertain, although they are likely traced back to the Romans two thousand years ago, who brought their drover dogs with them, and the Vikings who invaded this part of England some 1200 years ago, who brought their Spitz-type dogs. While their origins may be unknown, the Border Collie is considered to be the ultimate herding dog. Its natural instinct is to control livestock by staring at them silently as if in control.

Breeders today fear that Border Collies will lose their herding instincts if they are used as show dogs. There are two main ways in which Border Collies are judged for breeding quality: Its conformation and appearance are the primary determinants of herding ability, as determined by the International Sheep Dog Society. There are Border Collie registries in the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, South Africa and Turkey.

Similarities between the Border Collie and the German Shorthaired Pointer

There are some aspects in which the Border Collie and the German Shorthaired Pointer are very similar. There are a number of similarities between the Border Collie and German Shorthaired Pointer. Here are some examples:

  • Neither of them likes to be left alone.
  • Neither of them drools much.
  • Neither of them adapts well to apartment living.
  • For new dog owners, neither of these dogs is a good choice.
  • Both of them are prone to certain health problems.
  • They both are not very vocal. Barking and howling are very rare among them.
  • Neither of them is sensitive to hot weather.
  • Both of them are good with children. 
  • Noise in their environments disturbs both of them easily. The tone is a sensitive factor for them. They will understand your tone by speaking in a firm voice to correct their behavior.
  • In addition to being great family dogs, both of them are very affectionate and bond closely with family members.
  • Neither of them is challenging to train.
  • Each of them has a high degree of intelligence.
  • They both have very high energy levels. They need a lot of exercise time to release their high energy.
  • They both require a lot of exercises. They are suitable for owners who like to exercise.
  • They both are very playful.

Differences between the two breeds  

Let’s discuss the differences between the Border Collie and the German Shorthaired Pointer.

German Shorthaired Pointer

At maturity, German Shorthaired Pointers weigh 50 to 70 pounds and stand 21 to 25 inches tall. The lifespan of a Border Collie is between 12 and 14 years.

With a medium to large size, a German Shorthaired Pointer is both water and land-friendly. Besides having brown eyes, it also has long, floppy ears atop the head that are high and floppy. There is never any change in the length of the tail, and it is kept straight out from the body, forming a line with the entire body.

Dogs with this coat have liver and white speckles or dappling.

German Shorthaired Pointers are intelligent, confident, bold, affectionate dogs that want to please their owners. As well as being good with children, he loves interacting with all members of his human family. As an energetic dog, he will need plenty of exercises to avoid becoming bored, frustrated, and destructive.

Border Collie 

Full-grown Border Collies weigh 30 to 45 pounds and stand 18 to 22 inches tall at the shoulder. The lifespan of a Border Collie is between 10 and 17 years.

Exceptionally responsive, intelligent, alert, and keen, the medium-sized border collie loves nothing more than to be active. There is a need for both mental and physical stimulation for him. 

It has a moderately long, smooth coat with a dense topcoat and a soft, weather-resistant undercoat. Other colors such as chocolate and white, liver and white, or blue merle are also common.

There are a few Border Collies whose coats are only one color. He has a long tail, long feathers, and ears that can both be erect or semi-erect and even dropped in some instances. Usually, he has brown eyes, but sometimes the Merle Border Collie will have blue eyes or parts of blue eyes.

They’re energetic and playful dogs who just love it when their families include them in all their activities. As a result of his intelligence, he is demanding of his human family, demanding clever games and sports for him.

Which breed is right for you?  

There is no such thing as a better or worse dog breed. When choosing a dog breed, it is crucial to determine which breed matches your interests and lifestyle. Between the Border Collie and German Shorthaired Pointer, it would be wise to choose one that is most suitable for your family according to their characteristics:

German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointers can be intelligent hunting dogs but are also excellent companion dogs who love being outdoors with their family members.

Playful, energetic, a good watchdog, and a loving and devoted family member, he has it all.

When you include the German Shorthaired Pointer in all your outdoor activities, you’ll be sure that you have a most wonderful 4-legged friend.

Border Collie 

A Border Collie is an excellent working dog, assisting farmers greatly. When given a chance, he would want to work all day with endless energy and stamina. Like this medium-sized dog, this one needs a family that is hardworking and active. Having the right owners makes him an ideal pet, and if everyone is active, he becomes your faithful companion.

Due to his high intelligence, he also understands what his owner wants. If you provide lots of love, attention, and lots of activities to your beloved pet, he will be an awesome friend for life.


Which breed is better for hunting?  

Some Border Collies will pursue small animals and pets, as they have a moderate prey drive.

In addition to their high prey drive, German Shorthaired Pointers are prone to chasing smaller animals and pets.

Which breed is better for obedience training?  

According to Prof. Coren’s surveys, the Border Collie ranks 1 out of 130 breeds in obedience intelligence. In the list of the Brightest Dogs, the Border Collie is listed as one of them. Border Collies typically learn new commands after fewer than five repetitions.

Among 130 dog breeds, the German Shorthaired Pointer ranks 17 in obedience intelligence. Listed in the category of excellent working dogs is the German Shorthaired Pointer. A German Shorthaired Pointer learns new commands after five to fifteen repetitions.

As compared to German Shorthaired Pointers, Border Collies are more intelligent.

However, Prof. Coren noted that a dog should not be judged based on its intelligence alone, and that other factors such as sociability, adorability, and compatibility with the owner are other very important factors that new dog owners need to consider when deciding on a new dog.

Which breed is better for families?  

Both of them are great with kids and are loving and affectionate with family members. Neither of them fit well into apartment living.

According to AKC popularity data, the German Shorthaired Pointer has been more popular with dog owners than the Border Collie over the years. According to pet experts, the German Shorthaired Pointer has the lowest popularity out of about 200 dog breeds, while the Border Collie has the highest popularity out of 200.

Which breed is better with other pets?  

It is relatively easy for Border Collies to get along with other dogs. The German Shorthaired Pointer generally gets along very well with other dogs, except for small pets.


The Border Collie German Shorthaired Pointer mix is a wonderful dog that can fit into any family. It’s hard to say which breed it will take more after, as both are good family dogs and loyal companions. The Border Collie GSP mix may be more suited for those who love hunting or agility training than those who want a quiet dog who stays home alone all day!

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