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How to stop a German Shorthaired Pointer from jumping?

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a loyal, intelligent, and happy-go-lucky companion. He’s also known for being a bit of a show-off when jumping up on people, so it can be tough to stop him from doing so. Following these tips can teach your pup the appropriate behaviors around jumping up on people and other animals (or getting into trouble in general).

Teach the “Off” command

Once your German Shorthaired Pointer has learned to sit and wait for you, use the “Off” command. When you tell them to “off,” they should sit immediately.

Next, give them a few seconds to get up after sitting on command before re-releasing them. Repeat this exercise until your dog understands how it works so well that he will automatically ignore whatever activity is happening around him when you say “off”!

The next step is working on the command in different locations (for example, walking around while holding his leash). If possible, take him outside where he can see other dogs/people so that he isn’t confused about what his actions mean (or rather don’t mean).

This may require some patience, though, because sometimes even though our pets know what we want from them, they still need some encouragement from us first before they obey commands.

Ignore the jump

If you’re unsure how to respond, it may be helpful to ignore the behavior. Just what does “ignore” mean? It means not reacting in any way when your dog jumps on you. For example, if the dog jumps up and grabs your leg, don’t kick or hit them with a stick (even if they’re playing). Instead of punishing them for doing something terrible (jumping), reward them for being good by petting their head or giving them treats or toys.

If this doesn’t work and your German Shorthaired Pointer keeps jumping at you whenever he sees someone coming into the room, try ignoring him until he stops jumping altogether!

Redirect his attention with the “Watch Me” command

Redirect his attention with the “Watch Me” command.

  • Use this command when he’s trying to jump on you or another person. He will sit down and look at you, but only for a few seconds, before moving on to someone else to play with.
  • To get your dog to lie down, say “Lie down” while facing away from him (you can also use this technique on other dogs). When he lies down and stays there—even if it’s just a minute or two—say, “Stay.”

Teach him to sit on cue, and then reward him immediately when he sits

Teach your German Shorthaired Pointer to sit on cue. To teach your dog to sit, you have to get him to lie down and reward him with praise and food when he does so.

Once your dog is down on all fours and has his paws in the air, say “sit” in a sharp tone of voice (like you would if someone were asking for something). When the command is given, immediately apply pressure (not very much) with one hand against his rear end until he sits straight again. Repeat this step several times until it becomes second nature for your pup; make sure not to push too hard or use any force! If all goes well during this initial training period, then congratulations: Your German Shorthaired Pointer should be able to sit whenever asked by you or another person around him!

Consider crating him when you’re not around to watch him

You can use a crate if you want to keep your German Shorthair Pointer from jumping on people. Crating a dog is an excellent way to teach him that he should stay in one place when it’s not time for him to play or eat.

Crating dogs also helps prevent accidents by allowing them to be confined at night. Crates are typically constructed from plastic or metal and come with divider panels that allow multiple dogs’ living spaces (if necessary).

Use a leash to train your pup not to jump up on people

Use a leash to train your pup not to jump up on people. This is the most important step in training your German Shorthaired Pointer not to jump up on people. Dogs love attention, so you need to ensure that when they’re allowed on the furniture, they know what’s expected of them and what behavior will be rewarded with praise.

Use a leash if you want your dog explicitly trained for sitting at eye level or higher – this will help him stay in control of his body when he’s trying out new tricks or playing around with his friends!


In conclusion, German Shorthaired Pointers are a lot of fun, but they need to be taught not to jump up on people. With these tips, you’ll be able to keep your dog from becoming an annoying pest.

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