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Irish Setter German Shorthaired Pointer Mix

If you’re looking to bring home a dog that will be good with your family and will love to go on walks, you also want to make sure that you have a hunting partner in your dog when it’s time to go out on the trail or hunt, then an Irish Setter German Shorthaired Pointer Mix could be the perfect pup for you! These crossbreeds combine the best of both breeds to create an affectionate, loving, and intelligent dog that will be your best friend and hunting buddy for years to come!

The Irish Setter German Shorthaired Pointer Mix combines the thick, lush coat of an Irish Setter with the long, lean muscles of a German shorthaired pointer – making this dog both exceptionally beautiful and well suited to hunting in just about any terrain or weather condition.

 Learn more about this versatile dog and whether or not he might be right for you!

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History of the Irish Setter  

Its beautiful red or mahogany coat makes him one of the best gun dogs in the world. The Irish Setter is a gun dog originating in Ireland.

A descendant of the Setter family, the Irish Setter, also known as the Red Setter, is known for its solid pedigree. Initially, they were brought to the United States in the 1800s.

It wasn’t always the solid red color of Irish Setters that we see today; this was the result of selective breeding. There are long, medium-length floppy ears, brown eyes and a deep chest in the Irish Setter.

Differences between the two breeds  

Irish Setter 

An Irish Setter is a large dog that looks elegant and beautiful. With a lifespan of 12 to 15 years, they weigh 50 to 70 pounds and stand 22 to 26 inches tall.

Red coat with feathers on the tail, chest, abdomen, legs, and tail. The coat is short to medium in length. It has a long, lean head, silky ears, and a long, feathery tail.

In addition to being playful, friendly, sweet, mischievous, and high energy, the Irish Setter makes a terrific family pet, getting along well with children.

About 1845, setters in Ireland were predominantly red, red and white or even mustardy-lemon colored. However, solid red coloring was preferred. Irish Red Setter Club in Dublin developed and approved the breed standard for modern Irish Setters in 1886.

As a hunting dog, the dog uses its excellent sense of smell to locate game birds. A smart, alert dog, he will easily pick up new skills. His obedient behavior and relaxed disposition will be improved by training and socialization.

His breed isn’t one of the most assertive, so he wouldn’t make an effective watchdog. Their amicable, kind temperaments make them popular therapy dogs.

German Shorthaired Pointer

The German Shorthaired Pointer is an athletic, muscular and sleek breed that catches the eye on both land and water. A German Shorthaired Pointer weighs 50 to 70 pounds and stands 21 to 25 inches tall. Their average lifespan is 12 to 14 years.

In addition to brown eyes, the ears stand high on the head and are floppy. As a rule, the tail will be docked to a certain length and held straight out so that it forms a line with the entire body and head.

Its short coat consists primarily of liver and white speckles or dappling.

It is an intelligent, confident, bold, affectionate, easy-to-train dog that wants to please its owners. As well as being good with children, he enjoys all human interaction.

The dog is energetic and needs plenty of exercises to avoid becoming bored, frustrated, and destructive.

Which breed is right for you?  

Neither better nor worse dog breeds exist. It is important to consider your lifestyle and interests when choosing a dog breed. If you’re looking at both Irish Setters and German Shorthaired Pointers, it would be best to pick the one most suitable to your family according to the attributes they have:

Irish Setters

You will love having an Irish Setter as a pet. They are ideal pets for families with children who have been taught how to respect and treat animals due to their friendly, confident disposition.

With training and socialization, he becomes obedient and well-behaved. Dogs of this type are social and outgoing and will love spending time with their human families, but they will require a substantial amount of exercise as well.

Give him a nice warm, dry place to sleep, exercise him regularly, and feed him good food that promotes health. He will be the perfect pet for your family.


GSPs are known for their power, speed, agility, and endurance, making them ideal for working long days in the field or on the lake. There have been several words used to describe the overall appearance of the palace: ‘noble’ and ‘aristocratic.’ It is a pleasure to own a GSP as it makes a happy, trainable pet that binds firmly to its owner. It is easy for them to exercise, like running, swimming, and participating in organized dog sports. Spending time outdoors with a human buddy will provide a great way for them to burn off some of their boundless energy.

Which breed is better for hunting?  

An Irish Setter’s primary purpose was to hunt game birds using their excellent sense of smell. Similarly, the German Shorthaired Pointer was developed specifically for hunting all types of games and in all types of terrain. Accordingly, both breeds are ideal for hunting.

Which breed is better for obedience training?

 In both breeds, you will find alert, intelligent dogs that learn easily; the training and socialization you provide in these areas will make them more obedient and relaxed around strangers and other animals. 

Which breed is better for families?  

Having a social dog like an Irish Setter, he relies on his human family to include him in all activities. It is a dog that loves human companionship.

Additionally, GSPs also enjoys spending time outdoors with their owners. When you have a German Shorthaired Pointer as a pet, you will make sure that you have a wonderful 4-legged friend for life.


It is an offspring of the German Shorthaired Pointer and Irish Setter breeds known as the German Shorthaired Pointer Irish Setter mix, a mix of the two breeds. A spunky personality and a curious nature distinguish this mixed breed. They inherit the characteristics of their parents, making them good hunting dogs, versatile, and friendly to people. 

In conclusion, we hope you found the article helpful and answered your questions. Those who like dogs with high energy and a good sense of humor will enjoy this breed. The most important thing is to pay them enough attention, provide adequate care, exercise them daily, and love them. This will prevent it from feeling neglected, bored, or lonely.

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