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When Does a GSP Go Into Heat?

Despite the fact that German Shorthaired Pointers are some of the cutest pups you’ll ever see, if you just got a female, you’re probably worried about a few things. Their heat period is often a concern. So, What’s the reality there?

Almost all female German Shorthaired Pointers will go into heat at some point; knowing when your GSP goes into heat can help you prepare. This article will explain what you need to know about a German Shorthaired Pointer’s heat period; you will learn how to make this phase as easy for you and your dog.

When Should I Expect My GSP To Go Into Heat?

Female German Shorthaired Pointer puppies will enter heat between the ages of five and fourteen months. In general, the smaller the size, the earlier the first cycle will occur.

A GSP’s heat cycle is usually a three-week process, with the second week being the most fertile time, when ovulation takes place, meaning she will be the most fertile during the heat cycle.

As soon as a dog is in season, she will go into heat, or estrus, about every six months; however, for this cycle to be regular, it may take a couple of cycles for it to become a habit.

The time between cycles of a dog will indeed lengthen as she ages, but if she is not spayed at some point in her life, she will always experience heat as she ages.

Even though this period is associated with some changes in her behavior and the typical bloody discharge, if you are prepared and do your part to keep her away from male mates, you should not find this time too difficult for either you or her.

How Do I Know My GSP Is In Heat?

There will be changes in your German Shorthaired Pointer’s physical and behavioral characteristics during the period of heat. Your GSP may be in heat if you observe the following signs:

Bleeding and/or discharge

It’s normal for your GSP to bleed and discharge during its heat cycle; it can last up to 2-3 weeks. Buy some diapers to stop blood from getting on your carpet. Your GSP discharge will likely be bloody, brown, clear, or yellow.

Swollen vulva

Your GSP starts producing vaginal discharge two or three days before vulva swelling occurs. During this time, your dog’s vulva begins to swell and engorge, but it is not painful.

Frequent urination

To communicate with other dogs, dogs mark their territory with urine. In order to let other dogs know they are going into heat, female dogs urinate frequently. If your GSP is urinating a lot or spot urinating a lot, then she is going into her heat cycle.

Licking genitals

The GSP is likely to lick her genitals during her cycle, which could be a sign that she is keeping clean, but it could also be caused by increased blood flow, causing increased sensitivity.


As part of her preparation for the birth of her pups, your GSP may display nesting behaviors during her heat cycle. She is going through her heat cycle when she carries toys, blankets or moves her bed.

Personality changes

Your GSP may display new behaviors and personality quirks as she undergoes hormonal changes.

As a result, she may be more clingy, more playful, or even shy and anxious.

It’s also possible for aggressive behaviors to show up toward other female dogs. During this time, you should keep her away from other female dogs if you see her being aggressive.

When your usually well-trained GSP starts displaying some disobedience or ignores you, don’t overreact. It is common for them to be preoccupied with other thoughts, and they often find it difficult to focus as they usually would. 

You shouldn’t take your GSP on a trip during the heat period if she’s your hunting partner.

Timeline of German Shorthaired Pointer heat cycle

The dog heat cycle goes like this:

Proestrus Stage

Your GSP’s heat cycle has begun, and it is expected to last for nine days. This is the beginning of your GSP’s heat cycle. Her vulva will become swollen during this stage, and she will have a bloody discharge coming from her vagina during this stage. As we discussed under the personality changes heading, this stage brings about the most behavioral changes.

Estrus Stage

During this stage, your GSP undergoes chemical changes. In most cases, it lasts for about 10-12 days, during which she cannot conceive. A watery, clear discharge is likely to result.

Diestrus Stage

Your GSP cannot get pregnant at this stage because she’s not receptive to males. Despite the increase in progesterone levels, estrogen levels remain low. After estrus, progesterone levels peak and then drop. During this stage, vaginal discharge begins to lessen after about two months.

Anestrus Stage

There are several stages in the heat cycle, but this is the longest one. Typically, this stage lasts 3-4 months. Normal estrogen levels will return. It is time for recovery after giving birth to a litter of puppies. At the end of the proestrus cycle, the proestrus cycle will be repeated for a total of two heat cycles per year.

Is it possible for a GSP to get pregnant in the first heat period?

GSPs are capable of getting pregnant during their first heat phase, but this can be detrimental to their health in the long run. Dogs shouldn’t breed during their first or second cycle. In order to ensure she is able to give birth to puppies, she must wait until she has reached full maturity, which occurs at two years of age. 

You can also rule out any potential inherited diseases by waiting until the dog reaches the age of two. You are responsible for ensuring that the dog does not produce unhealthy litter. Ask your vet if you’re unsure about your dog’s breeding status.

Is it possible to prevent German Shorthaired Pointers from experiencing heat periods?

Spaying a female German Shorthaired Pointer can prevent heat periods. Healthful female dogs experience the heat period as a natural biological process, so the only way to prevent it is to alter the reproductive system surgically. 

After 18 months, you can spay your GSP. You avoid risking her health by waiting until your dog is fully mature before spaying. It leads to urinary incontinence, joint diseases, and more when the ovaries are removed too early. A qualified veterinarian should be consulted when it comes to determining when a dog is ready for spaying. 

How to take care of a GSP in heat?

During this time, your GSP may feel fragile, so showing it lots of love and care is essential. It’s important to give your dog lots of treats, scratches, and cuddles!

Avoiding public places

Visiting places like the dog park or the pet store where male dogs may attract your attention in a way you do not want may be a dangerous mistake. There is also the possibility that she may come across as a female and not be friendly with her.

The importance of exercise and rest

Some dogs can be more active during their cycle, while others will laze around the house. Over time, as you go through the cycles of your GSP, you will be able to come to know what she’s like and how her behavior changes over time.

Use Dog Diapers

Doggie diapers are a fantastic solution for you if you don’t want to worry about any messes that may be created during your dog’s heat cycle. You will be able to keep your carpets, bedding, and other areas of your house clean by using these diapers.


I hope this helped you understand that GSP puppies go through heat cycles twice a year, like most dogs. As a result of this information, you will be able to make her feel more comfortable and either prevent or assist in breeding as well. The more you know about what to expect during this period, the easier it will be for you to cope. 

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