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Why does my German Shorthaired Pointer hate little kids?

Many animals (especially dogs) use size to determine who is boss. This is a common habit among dogs, and means that your dog needs to understand to be passive when another kid comes by. (This may also take effect with your dog and another smaller one.)

Another reason this could be is because your dog feels the kids are enemies. As you are the owner, if you express any slim amount of fear or motive that the kid is not something your dog should go near (pulling the dog away) the dog will think that the kid could be an enemy. (source)

Some things you should try are:

  • Try distracting your dog from the kid. Focus it on something else.
  • When you go near a kid with your dog, keep a slack leash, and don’t pull the dog back.
  • Do not show any stress or fear. Dogs are pretty attentive to how their owner acts.
  • A head halter which a type of leash that goes on the head of the dog may help. Here’s a link about those leashes.
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  1. Honestly I don’t know the home dynamic but, the reason when he may not like children possibly falls back to socialization growing up. An important part when raising any dog is exposure to a variety of things and experiences. He possibly never had much experience with kids and when he did those experiences may have not all been positive experiences. That’s the only thing I could see that would cause a dog not to like children.

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